Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS of Charlotte brings together Charlotte-area business owners from non-competing companies of similar size into “CEO Mastermind Roundtables” that help these owners build their businesses and improve their lives.  Members include all types of businesses including retail, manufacturers, service companies, and consulting firms.


In a Mastermind group, often referred to as a CEO Roundtable or Peer Advisory Council, peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm possibilities and solutions, and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. You become part of a community of supportive colleagues who are stronger and more effective collectively than separately. Today there are five different Executive Forum groups meeting in Charlotte.



Each month your business owner advisory group meets for a

half day for peer advisory, educational presentations and a Focused Executive session.


Find out your business' value. The Value Builder Score questionnaire takes 13 minutes to complete after which you'll instantly receive your Sellability Score out of 100.


Executive Forums' annual Strategies For Success retreat helps owners to grow personally & professionally through workshops and presentations.

Our Business Advisory Group is often referred to as: CEO Advisory Group, CEO Advisors, Business Owner Advisory Group, Business Advisory Board,

Business Owner Advisory Board, CEO Roundtables, Business Advisory Group, Peer Business Advisory Group, and CEO Peer Advisory Groups.

Executive Forums is similar to Vistage and Alternative Board, except it is locally owned and the Director works full time on the business.


If you would like to explore our unique opportunity, we would like to invite you to attend a meeting as our guest.

"Attending one of the Executive Forums meetings was all it took for me to immediately realize the advantages of being a member of a group of professional peers who share similar goals, issues and challenges."

Brad Johnston / President / Tryon Distributing

Craig Warner / President / Warner Rugs & Carpet


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